Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Breakfast 3/31

Breakfast was 3 free range eggs cooked in a little olive oil topped with Cholula. I had a side of leftover garlic creamed spinach before heading out the door. I have a doubleheader at the high school I work at today (I'm an athletic trainer there), so I'll be tempted with burgers and hot dogs from lunchtime. I'll probably sneak into a corner and ditch the bun on a couple burgers. On the plus side, I'll be in the sun for a few hours, so it looks like I can cut back on supplementing my vitamin D intake while getting rid of my Twilight-esque tan. Random thought - I guess vampires would be Paleo, huh? They eat the same way their ancestors have since the dawn of their existence. What are your thoughts?

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