Thursday, May 6, 2010

Quick Tip - Saving Sauce

We're all trying to save money while eating paleo. Part of making your money stretch is making the most of the food you buy. My last meal was all about a delicious sauce and the good thing about sauces is that you can make a bunch of it on the cheap and most of the time, freeze it for the future. The problem is that if you freeze a bowl of sauce, you have to thaw the whole bowl and refreeze it each time you want some sauce. That's why I use my ice cube trays to help portion out the sauce. Try it out. You'll appreciate the saved time and money!

From Asparagus and Poblano Cream Sauce over Salmon

From Asparagus and Poblano Cream Sauce over Salmon

OK, so the pictures look a little ugly, but this sauce thaws just fine and should keep for a few months, meaning I don't have to dye the kitchen counters green again any time soon!

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