Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cilantro Chutney

Today's first recipe post is a quick one. It's a sauce that I'm making for tonight's main course, but I wanted to go ahead and make it and get it set aside. Cilantro chutney is an Indian sauce with a very strong cilantro flavor. It's super easy to make and tastes great with a wide variety of foods, including a lot of Mexican dishes.

From Cilantro Chutney
You'll need 2 jalapenos, 2 cloves of garlic (0.04), 1 tbs of ginger(0.10), 1 lime (0.33), 1 bunch of cilantro (0.25), 6 green onions (0.33), 2 tbs of olive oil, 1/4 tsp of cumin (0.01) and a pinch of salt. That's a total of 1.06 for enough chutney to get you through for at least 6 meals.

Chop everything up, seeding the jalapenos.

From Cilantro Chutney

Add the onions, jalapenos, garlic, and ginger to either a food processor or a tall container that you can fit a hand blender into. Blend those until they are a thick paste, then add the rest of the ingredients and the juice of your lime (check the link -not my video- for tips on how to get the most juice). Blend everything until it is fairly smooth and you're done!

I used my hand blender and got great results. If you don't have a food processor, consider getting one of these guys!

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