Thursday, April 1, 2010

Leftovers for Breakfast: Portabella & Chive Omelette with Cauliflower Pancakes

From Portabella Omelette with Cauliflower Hash Browns

Part of what I hope to do with this blog is give some real life applications of things that I've learned during my own personal primal journey. If you want to keep yourself motivated and excited about your next meal, I suggest you take advantage of leftovers.

If you made last night's recipe of Gorgonzola Burgers and Mashed Cauliflower, then you may have some leftovers. The best part about leftovers is that a lot of your prep for a new meal is already done. Here's what you need to get ready:

From Portabella Omelette with Cauliflower Hash Browns
Clockwise from 9 o'clock: Sauteed portabella mushrooms (cooked in beef fat from the previous post), Olive oil *I called an audible and switched it up to coconut oil while cooking - I liked the flavor, but my fiance hated it, pepper, salt, green onions, eggs, and leftover mashed cauliflower

Roughly chop up the mushrooms. I like big chunks because they help give the omelette some much needed texture.

Beat the eggs and start those in a greased pan on low heat. Preheat your broiler at this time, you'll need it in a few minutes. Patience is the key with good eggs. You have to cook them over low heat to keep them from burning. This also keeps the fats and proteins from oxidizing - some science stuff for a later post. My fiance cooked the eggs and she has her own method, using a spatula to stir the eggs as they cook. I have my own method that I'll cover in the future.

From Portabella Omelette with Cauliflower Hash Browns
Once the eggs are about 80% cooked and there is only a little liquid at the top, add the mushrooms, chives, and any other veggies you want to add. Finish the omelette off in your broiler

Finish the eggs off in your broiler until they are cooked through. I don't have any problems with runny or raw eggs, but I know most people don't care for them that way.

From Portabella Omelette with Cauliflower Hash Browns
For the cauliflower pancakes, add one egg yolk to about a cup or so of the cauliflower mash from last night. Mix that up well as the yolk is what will hold the pancake together. If it feels too loose, add another yolk, but don't get too crazy. Mix that well and throw it into a skillet with some coconut oil or the oil of your choice. Be careful when flipping so that you don't let the delicate pancake fall apart. I like to use a ridiculously oversized spatula.

From Portabella Omelette with Cauliflower Hash Browns

Alright, that's it. Plate it up and eat. I'll be honest, it's not the most exciting recipe, but sometimes it's nice to have some direction or new ideas. The pancakes will be brittle, but they're an interesting breakfast side to try.

From Portabella Omelette with Cauliflower Hash Browns

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