Sunday, April 4, 2010

Quick Tip - Saving Herbs

Staying on the theme of saving money, let's talk about storing herbs. This almost seems silly considering a lot of fresh herbs are quite cheap. I guess look at it as saving you time and gas money from having to buy a new bunch every few days. Storing herbs is a game of finding the right moisture. Too much and they rot; too little and the dry up and lose flavor. Here is what has worked well for us.

1) Trim off any unnecessary portion of the herbs

2) Thoroughly wash the herbs to save you time in the future as well as ensure that there is a little moisture around every plant. Remove excess moisture with a salad spinner.
3) Lay the herbs out into a single layer on a few paper towels
4) Roll it up like a, well, whatever you have experience rolling
That should at least triple the life of your herbs as compared to keeping them in a plastic bag.

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