Thursday, April 22, 2010

Homemade Pork Rinds

Today's post is a quick primer on how to make home made pork rinds. I've never made pork rinds before, so this was a first for me. Pork rinds are useful as a breading when frying foods and can add some crunch to a fairly crunchless paleo diet. A lot of store bought pork rinds have a ton of salt added and some are even fried in vegetable oils.

All you need is some pork skin and an oven.

Lay it out on a cooking sheet. I laid down some parchment paper to help ease the cleanup.

From Pork Rinds

Preheat your oven to 325. When the oven is hot toss in the skin and wait 3 hours. Pull it out and let it cool. That's it. You may need to place them on some paper towels to help wick away some of the grease. We used a cooling rack and just let the grease drip out. These pork rinds will probably be a little bit harder than what you're used to, but if the skin manages to bubble up a little, you'll get some more tender pieces worth snacking on.

You can salt them if you want, but it's probably best to avoid seasoning the pork rinds since you'll more than likely be using them as breading and we don't really need too much salt to what we eat anyways.


LinearChaos said...

This is great! I'm gonna try this soon. That's one more thing on my list of things to turn paleo that I can check off.


Paleotron said...

Let me know how they turn out. About half of my rinds turned out snackable but the rest are pretty hard and I'll probably grind them down for breading.

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